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Descriptions of videos

The following is a brief introduction to each of the via media: basic videos. The conversations were 'directed' only in the sense that we made an effort to viagra online talk about the questions we anticipate from newcomers. You have flexibility with these videos, showing them in an order you prefer.

An Anglican Way of Being Christian

Intro by the Rev. Susan Russell; table conversation with Stephanie Spellers, Ed Bacon, Kay Sylvester, Mark Bozutti-Jones, Jay Johnson.

Topics: Wasn't the Anglican Communion started because Henry VIII wanted a divorce? How do Anglicans/Episcopalians treat Scripture? The history of church teachings? Human experience? Scientific discovery?

God and Creation: The Abundance of God's Goodness

Intro by the Rev. Mark Bozutti-Jones; table conversation with Ernesto Medina, Susan Russell , Sandye Wilson, Shannon Ferguson-Kelly, Mark Bozutti-Jones.

Topics: How can rational, 21st-century people believe in God? How does God make Godself known? If God is a God of love, why do bad things happen?

God in Jesus : An Incarnational Faith

Intro by the Rev. Malcolm Boyd; table conversation with Phyllis Tickle, Bill Carroll, Diana Akiyama, Jonathan Callard, Winnie Varghese.

Topics: Who is/was Jesus? What was the central message of his teaching and life? What was the meaning of his crucifixion? What do we mean by Resurrection? Is Jesus the only way humans can be in relationship with God?

God the Holy Spirit: the Breath of New Life

Intro by Nora Gallagher; table conversation with Ed Bacon, Tracey Lind, Stephen Charleston, Nora Gallagher, Stephanie Spellers.

Topics: What do we mean by the Holy Spirit? Is that the same thing as the Holy Ghost? How do we experience the Holy Spirit? Is it possible to encounter the Spirit without speaking in tongues? What is the Spirit's purpose?

The Bible: The Word of God for the People of God

Intro by the Very Rev. Tracey Lind; table conversation with Nora Gallagher, Keith Yamamoto, AKMA Adam, Phyllis Tickle, Tracey Lind.

Topics: Is the Bible the literal Word of God? How do Anglicans treat Scripture in the context of worship? How is it different to read the Bible privately and with others? Do the Scriptures have meaning for us today, or are they simply a record of a particular people's encounter with God?

Sin: Roadblocks to Abundant Life

Intro by the Rt. Rev. Stephen Charleston; table conversation with Phyllis Tickle, Diana Akiyama, Michael Hopkins, Stephen Charleston, Sarah Nichols.

Topics: Is there such a thing as "original sin"? What does 'sin' mean? What are the consequences of human sin, especially in our relationship with God?

Thy Kingdom Come: The Promise of Christian Hope

Intro by the Rev. Ed Bacon; table conversation with Rebecca Brown, Jay Johnson , Altagracia Perez, Ed Bacon, Bill Carroll.

Topics: What is God's purpose for human life and for all of Creation? Is it all about going to heaven? Does the call for justice from the prophets, from Jesus, and from the many faithful folks have anything to do with God's purpose for us? Can the Reign of God be a part of our lives right here and right now?

So What?

This video differs from all the rest. There is no 'table conversation' in this video; instead via media participants respond individually to questions about the meaning and purpose of baptism and Eucharist, and what it means in their daily lives to be baptized followers of Christ . This video is in two parts, and is meant to be used in the context of a final session that's longer than usual. Materials for a 'retreat' of either 3 or 8 hours in length are provided, and, as always, you are welcome to use other materials.

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